Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Birdhouse (Pattern Highlight #6)

I'm breaking the mold, people!

For all of my previous pattern highlights, I focused on crochet. But who says a pattern has to be crochet?

In this 'revolutionary' pattern highlight, I've got some birdhouse patterns instead. Boom!

We added a handle to the side
that opens for maintenance
My Dad and I chose the pattern for a House Wren/Black Capped Chickadee/White Breasted Nuthatch, but the PDF has plenty of other birdhouse plans, too! Choose one you like, and consider it a Christmas gift to the birds.

Something tried to get in the hole, but I'm not sure what...

Blog Post:
Easy Birdhouse Plans Video

Building Nest Structures...*

*although the PDF is aimed for those in North Dakota, as long as the birdie lives in your area, its house pattern should work, too!

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