Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Apple Slice "Donuts"

Like the Dragon Tails and Worms in Dirt, this is a quick, easy and fun recipe that kids just might love!


  • An apple
  • Nutella and/or peanut butter
  • Sprinkles, optional

  1. Slice the apple horizontally. Then, take a small cookie cutter and cut out the core from each of the pieces (see the picture below). If you don't have a small cookie cutter, try using an apple corer or cutting out the core with a knife before slicing the apple.
  2. Pipe the Nutella and/or peanut butter onto each of the apple slices using a piping bag or a plastic baggy.
  3. If you want the apple slices to look more like donuts, put some sprinkles on top.

1 comment:

  1. Very sharp apple corer blades... I quickly cut myself on three different fingers opening this bad boy up! We then attempted to make sweet potato fries with it, with disappointing results... I am sure it will work better on softer foods, but that isn't why I purchased it!