Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Two Pesky Boys

This is the first play my cousin and I wrote together. I thought that you  might like to read it. I can still remember the one-take-wonder that we filmed! We made our brothers play the pesky boys, used an unfinished basement as the backdrop and yelled something along the lines of "Next Scene!" for transitions. We might have been child writing/acting/directing/editing prodigies.

I've typed this from the original document, which was originally called "Two Pesky Boys, Shakawtah and Coffee". I've edited it some to make it easier to read (sometimes the names were abbreviated, for example), but I have kept most of the original content. Enjoy!



Locha Mocha: Katie
Shakawtah [Sha-ka-tah]: Sammy
Bob: Isaac
Clarence Townsend Parks the Forth: Max


(Shakawtah runs and stops, and covers head with hands.)

Shakawtah: If I can't see them, they can't see me!

(Boys run and grab hold of Shakawtah.)

Boys: We got you, Shakawtah!

Clarence: Wait, Bob, did you hear about the new toy gun?

Bob: No, I didn't! What is it? 

Shakawtah: What are you talking about? Let me go, Bob. Let me go, Clarence.

Clarence: We're talking about Nerf.

Shakawtah: Is that a new brand of shampoo?

Bob: No, but your hair needs some!

(Clarence takes stuffed animal from Shakawtah and tosses it to Bob, play Monkey in the Middle.)

(Shakawtah decides to run, others chase.)


(Shakawtah runs to Locha Mocha.)

Shakawtah: I need help! The two crazy boys are chasin' me!

Locha Mocha: There are no problems when coffee is there! Coffee fixes all! (Jumps up and down.)

Shakawtah: Do you have any other ideas, Locha Mocha?

(Locha Mocha faints dramatically.)

Shakawtah: She needs more coffee! (Shakawtah pulls out mug.) It's okay, Locha Mocha. I have coffee! 

Locha Mocha: (Sits up) Coffee! (Gulps it down.) I think I have a solution. I told you, coffee fixes all! (Reaches into pocket.) Try this! I need more coffee! 

(Locha Mocha runs away.)

Shakawtah: What do I do with this?

(Locha Mocha runs around.)

Locha Mocha: Just open it when the boys are around!


(Shakawtah runs like before, stops, covers face with hands. Boys grab arms like before. This time, Shakawtah pulls out jar, opens it.)

Clarence: Ahhhhhh!

Bob: Ah!

(Boys go back and forth, then they do a circle around Shakawtah and run away.)

Shakawtah: What is this stuff?

(Locha Mocha runs in scene, skipping and jumping.)

Locha Mocha: Did it work?

Shakawtah: Yes, but what exactly is it?

Locha Mocha: Glitter!

(Boys run past, screaming.)

Clarence" The world is ending!

Bob: I'm going to die!

(All go out of scene. Come back in and bow.)


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