Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby Panda

I wrote this many years ago as a kids bedtime poem. I thought that you might like to read it. Enjoy!


          “It’s time to go to sleep,
It’s time to go to bed.
            It getting rather dark outside.”
Mama Panda said.

            “But I don’t want to go to bed,
I’m not tired yet.
            I can’t fall asleep right now.”
Said Baby Panda, upset.

            Mama Panda thought,
Then she finally spoke.
            “If I shut your window up,
Then you can’t be woke.”

            “But first, I need to fall asleep,”
Baby Panda said.
            “I know! I need a blanket,
And a pillow for my head.

            I want a kiss on the cheek,
And a hug from you,
            And I want my stuffed animal,
Yes, I need that too!”

            Mama Panda did it all,
And she finally said,
            Can you go to sleep now?
Will you go to bed?”

            “I will go to bed,
If you sing me a song.”
            Baby Panda smiled,
“If I can sing along!”

            Mama Panda agreed,
That they could sing along,
            To their very favorite,
The Goodnight Song.

            “It’s time to sleep,
It’s time to rest.
            Try to sleep,
Try your very best.

            Thank Jesus for day,
Thank Him for night.
            Thank Him for your hearing,
Thank Him for your sight.

            Goodnight black bear,
Goodnight brown,
            Goodnight everyone,
In the town.

            Make the dreams,
Ones you'll keep.
            Now it’s time,
To go to sleep!”

            “Goodnight Baby Panda.”
Mama Panda said,
            To little Baby Panda,
Asleep in his bed.

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  1. Katie, you should make this into a children's book! It would be wonderful!