Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Proper Young Ladies

My cousins and I came up with this play together several years ago, and I thought I should share it with you:


Characters in Order of Appearance
Rose Brook (R)
Clementine Brook (C)
Mother (M)
Mrs. Corehar (H)


Rose: (holding microphone) Rose Brook reporting live! I am here with my sister, Mrs. Brook. What are you going to do today?
Clementine: I am going to….(thinking hard) climb up Mount Everest! (climbing onto a chair)
R: Yeah? Well, I’m going to break the speed of sound on a hang-glider! (Rose spreads her arms and pretends to fly in circles)
C: Well, I am going to chase you on my horse!
R: (stops flying) What kind of stunt is that? (puts her hands on her hips)
C: (jumps off chair) This kind! (chases Rose)
R: (screams and runs away)
Mother: (comes in room with her hands on her hip, looking gentle, yet firm) Girls!
R and C: (stops running and looks at mother) Yes, Mother?
M: Have I taught you nothing about manners? A young lady growing into adult hood never screams nor runs!
R and C: Yes, Mother.
M: Thank you. Now, Rose, it is your turn to get the tea set.
R: Can Clementine help?
M: May. May Clementine help?
R: (standing up taller) May she?
M:Yes, she may.
C: (smiling) Race you there!
R and C: (running off set screaming)
M: (angry and harsh) Girls! I have had enough of your silly shenanigans!
R and C: (coming back with their heads down)
R: But, Mother! You are too hard on us. We never get to play!
M: You will get to play.
R and C: (heads up again)
C: With what?
M: You may play quietly with dolls or pick flowers; you may even go for a walk.
C: I hate dolls! They are all too boring! I have never owned a doll, and I never wish to any time in the future! I wish I was a boy, then no one would tell me what to do!
M: A boy must work. A young lady keeps the house tidy.
R: Why do all girls have to be so boring? I want to run and play in the mud!
M: (shouting) I have had enough!
C: So? What are you going to do about it?
R: Yeah, you can’t control us!
M: I am going to have you stay at Mrs. Corehar’s house. Then you shall know.
C: (devastated) Did you say Mrs. Corehar? As in the strictest person ever?
M: (gentle and kind) Indeed, I did. I love you girls very much and I know that this is for your own good. Spending a month with her will show you that I take it very easy on you.
R: I’m not going!
M: You are, Mrs. Brook. Would you care for some tea?
C: To tea or not to tea, that is the question.
R and C: (laugh)
M: Girls, if you are nice to Mrs. Corehar and attend her ball in 15 day on the 15th of May, with no faults, you may come home that night!
R: Yes, Mother. Would you care for some tea? (nudges Clementine with a look that says ‘behave’.)
C: Um, yes. Would you care to join us, Mother?
M: Thank you. I am glad to see that you are practicing. But, after tea you will still go to see Mrs. Corehar.
R: Of course, Mother.
End Scene.


Mrs. Corehar: Hello, Miss. Brooks. How do you do?
R: (holding bags) Wonderful, Mrs. Corehar.
H: What about you, Clementine?
C: Just fine, thank you. And how are you?
H: Fabulous. May you both come in?
R: Where shall we set our bags?
H: In the guest room, please.
C: Thank you. After we do so, can we walk?
H: (angry and harsh) May. May you go for a walk.
C: May we?
H: Of course not! You have spoken improperly! You shall go to your room and think about what you have done. You will also write a two paged essay about what you did wrong!
R: But, Mrs. Corehar-
H: Never question authority! Do the same as your sister!
R and C: Yes, Mrs. Corehar.
End Scene.


R and C: (walking onto the set, “essays” in hand)
R: Mrs. Corehar has no imagination.
C: A few hours at her house and we have been banned and told to write essays!
R: My hand still aches from writing!
C: Tell me about it! Shall we never get to play?
R: Maybe Mrs. Corehar will let us play if we are polite.
C: It's worth a try.
H: (announcing) It is time to try lady games!
C: Mrs. Corehar, what games do you speak of?
R: Are you speaking of dolls?
H: Indeed. Did you happen to bring your own?
C: Please forgive me, Mrs. Corehar, but we have never owned a doll.
H: We shall make due. I own several stuffed animals.
R: May we borrow them?
H: Of course you may.
C: Thank you, Mrs. Corehar.
End Scene.


R and C: (running in circles, making air plane noises and making the stuffed animals “fly”)
H: Girls!
R and C: (stopping) Yes, Mrs. Corehar.
R: I apologize, Mrs. Corehar.
H: For what, my dears?
R: Did you not see us play?
H: (smiles) I did and there is no need to apologize. After all, you are still girls.
C: I thought we were turning into young ladies, though.
H: Indeed you are, but a lady may still play. That is not why your mother sent you here.
R: Do you mean that we may still play even as ladies?
H: Yes, you may.
C: Then why did our mother send us here? I thought that was why we came here.
R: Did we do something else that would have upset her?
C: I am afraid that we were rather disrespectful of her.
H: Your mother sent you here so that you would learn to respect authority. You girl have figured it out without my help.
R: Then what does playing have to do with all of this?
H: You must learn the difference between play time and proper time.
C: Why were you so strict to us, Mrs. Corehar?
H: I did it so that you would learn to respect me. You know, I am proper in society but I still play. Now, I would love to hold a conversation with you must really must freshen up for the ball.
R: But today is the first of May!
C: Yes, mother told us that the ball would be on the 15th!
H: Your mother secretly informed on something that I think I should tell you now. She told me that there was a ball and that if you two could perform at this one well that you may go home today.
R: Think, Clementine, a day with Mrs. Corehar and we have learned so much!
H: Now, shall we prepare?
C: Oh, yes, Mrs. Corehar, if I can choose the dress!
End Scene.


(lively music playing; all girl actors dancing)
R: You know, Mrs. Corehar, you are not so bad.
H: Thank you, Miss. Brook. Forgive me, please, for being so rough.
C: Why, there is no need! I see now that we were very disrespectful. You showed us in a way that I shall never forget. Indeed, I need to thank you.
H: You are welcome. Did you learn anything else?
R: Yes, you are a wonderful friend!
C: And, we shall try and control our play and save it for home.
H: My work here is done. After the ball you may pack your things.
R: I think I may stay a few days more just to grow our friendship more, Mrs. Corehar. If that is alright with you, I mean.
H: Of course.
C: I am excited to tell Mother!
R: What a fine day, Clementine.
C: Indeed, Rose.
H: You girls have become quite the proper young ladies.


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