Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Salad in a Jar

Salad in a jar has been pinned lots of times on Pinterest and it's not a super original idea to share on my blog. That being said, there's lots of reasons to love salads in a jar:

1) Fresh vegetables in colorful layers can look really pretty through a jar, which can make eating rabbit food more exciting.

2) If you fill up the jar only half-way or so, the salad can be tossed and eaten straight out of the jar.

3) The salad can be adjusted to meet personal preferences. So, if you like cucumbers (blech), raw carrots (eww) or pine nuts (nasty), go ahead and add them in!

4) Lastly but not leastly, salad in a jar involves a jar. What kind of a jar, you might ask? Preferably a Mason jar. Awesomeness achieved.



  1. Pour dressing into the bottom of a Mason jar. 
  2. Put in vegetables of your choice.
  3. Add the lettuce on top, making sure that the lettuce doesn't touch the dressing.
  4. Keep the salad in the fridge or a cooler until you're ready to eat.
  5. Enjoy!

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