Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Let's play a game I invented called, "Can You See the Tomato Cage Christmas Tree?"

I've chosen a picture of  a Christmas tree and now I want you to find it:

Well, how'd ya do? :)


  • Round tomato cage
  • Twist tie(s)
  • String of lights

  1. Turn a round tomato cage upside down so that the top is resting on the ground. 
  2. Pull all of the stakes together and secure them with a twist tie.
  3. Tuck the "non-plug" end of the string of lights underneath the cage. Bring the lights up to the top (where the twist tie should be) and then wind the lights around the cage until you reach the bottom. That way, both the plug and "non-plug" end are at the bottom of the "tree".
  4. Plug in the lights at night and see if your neighbors notice your awesome tree-making skills.


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