Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Warrior

There once was a cat,
Who had courage and might,
He was brave and courageous,
And, oh, quite a fright!
The dogs would yelp,
And cry for help,
At just the cat’s mere sight.

But this cat became bored,
From the neighborhood dogs,
He began on a journey,
Through forests and bogs.
He tackled the bears,
And left them with scares,
And took down the greatest of frogs.

This little old cat,
Felt wild and free,
He roamed thought the prairie,
And made a decree,
“I will not fall,
I’m better than all,
A warrior for all to see!”

The sun was low, and soon to set,
And through the misty fogs,
He came back through the forest,
And back though the bogs.
That warrior cat,
So mightily sat,
And roared at the neighboring dogs.

He strolled to a doorstep,
And cleaned himself best,
A warrior’s home,
A brave, sturdy nest.
He walked in tired,
And rather expired,
So he curled by his owner to rest.

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