Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Shepherd

Why should we follow,
    When we can just roam?

Why should we hike,
    When we have a home?

Why should we chance,
    When we’re safe and sound?
Why not go straight,
    Instead of around?

Why do sheep follow,
    When they could be free?
Why need a shepherd,
    Who says “follow me”?

Why should we serve?
    It doesn't seem fair,
Until a sheep,
    Confronts a bear.

The sheep tries it’s best,
    But cannot defend,
It’s time for the shepherd,
    By which the sheep does depend.

Needless to say,
    The shepherd is Lord,
Follow His light,
    Come, climb aboard.

We are the sheep,
    We need to obey.
Wrapped in His arms,
    Safety will stay.

No beast, no bear,
    Can take us away,
The Shepherd is here,
   And here He will stay.

Why should we follow,
    When we can just roam?
Because Jesus is here,
    And He is our home.

Why should we serve?
    It may not seem fair,
Until once again,
    The sheep meets the bear.

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