Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter House Patterns

In September, I shared two Lilac House Patterns, each based off of an old needlepoint picture from 1940.

The companion piece to that bright, summer-y picture is a cozy winter scene with a few, red buildings and a creek. To me, the building look like a little farm, with one house and two matching outbuildings covered in snow.

So, I decided to make a pattern of that picture, too.

But, after meticulously following the pattern, it looked a bit chaotic. 

Note: the black denotes a missing stitch. Choose
whatever color you want for those stitches. :)
Perhaps part of its untidiness is due to the colors I chose (there's some vibrant ones!), but even so, I decided to make a tidier version also. 

That way, you can follow the original pattern, my version, or some mixture of the two.

As usual, remember that this pattern can be used for cross stitch, needlepoint, graphgans, and Perler beads. It's versatile!

And, if you make something from one of these patterns, I want to see it! You can send me a pic on any of my social media pages or email me (castironstew@gmail.com). 

Have a great day!

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