Friday, June 27, 2014

Powdered Laundry Detergent

Ladies and Gentlemen! Give a big round of applause for the one, the only.....

Powdered laundry detergent!

Ok. I know this isn't the exciting first post you were looking for. But making your own laundry detergent is a wonderful thing to add to your list of homemade products (and, I'll admit, it sounded easy to take pictures of and I had all of the ingredients!)

Besides, this powdered laundry detergent recipe is incredibly easy and incredibly cheap. (Well, I think that it's cheap. I didn't do the math.)

I don't like math.

Here is the recipe:



  • 1 bar of soap
  • 1 cup of washing soda
  • 1/2 cup Borax

  • Cheese grater (I have a special cheese grater just for this recipe, so my Cheddar cheese doesn't taste like soap, ya' know?)
  • Big bowl
  • Measuring cups (not shown)
  • Scoop (Note that I used a 1 Tbsp. scoop that came with our coffee pot.)
  • Stirring spoon
  • 1 pint Mason jar or other storage container (But why wouldn't you want to use a mason jar?!?)

  1. Grate the soap on the cheese grater. If your soap doesn't shred like a hard cheese (and it just turns to powder), your bar of soap is probably old and dried out.
  2. Measure out the washing soda and the Borax.
  3. Put all of the ingredients together in the bowl and mix it up.
  4. Put the powder in the jar of your choice (which I sincerely hope is a Mason jar!) and put on the lid.
  5. Use 1-2 Tbsp. per load of laundry. DO NOT add all of the powdered laundry detergent to one load, or your laundry room might end up looking like one of those cartoons (where the kids add too much soap to the bathtub and it ends up flooding the whole house with bubbles.) What? It could happen!

Note: This recipe is for a top loading washing machine.

Thanks you so much for reading the Cast Iron Stew blog! While I am getting the site up and running, it might be a little bit of a disaster area.

Thanks for bearing with me,

Thanks and credit to the Duggar Family Blog for use of their powdered laundry detergent recipe.

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